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Reformat PHP scripts according to code style
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Project Abandoned

This project has been abandoned due to lack of interest. You may use other forks of this.

Build Status

phpF formats PHP code by making it readable and helps your code to follow coding guidelines.

This is a fork of the project phpfmt.


  • PHP 5.6 or newer


php phpf.phar <arguments>


| Argument | Description | | -------- | ----------- | | --cache[=FILENAME] | cache file. Default: | | --cakephp | Apply CakePHP coding style | | --config=FILENAME | configuration file. Default: .phpf.ini | | --constructor=type | analyse classes for attributes and generate constructor - camel, snake, golang | | --dry-run | Runs the formatter without atually changing files; returns exit code 1 if changes would have been applied | | --enable_auto_align | disable auto align of ST_EQUAL and T_DOUBLE_ARROW | | --exclude=pass1,passN,... | disable specific passes | | --help-pass | show specific information for one pass | | --ignore=PATTERN-1,PATTERN-N,... | ignore file names whose names contain any PATTERN-N | | --indent_with_space=SIZE | use spaces instead of tabs for indentation. Default 4 | | --lint-before | lint files before pretty printing (PHP must be declared in %PATH%/$PATH) | | --list | list possible transformations | | --list-simple | list possible transformations - greppable | | --no-backup | no backup file (original.php~) | | --passes=pass1,passN,... | call specific compiler pass | | --profile=NAME | use one of profiles present in configuration file | | --psr | activate PSR1 and PSR2 styles | | --psr1 | activate PSR1 style | | --psr1-naming | activate PSR1 style - Section 3 and 4.3 - Class and method names case. | | --psr2 | activate PSR2 style | | --setters_and_getters=type | analyse classes for attributes and generate setters and getters - camel, snake, golang | | --smart_linebreak_after_curly | convert multistatement blocks into multiline blocks | | --visibility_order | fixes visibiliy order for method in classes - PSR-2 4.2 | | --yoda | yoda-style comparisons | | -h, --help | this help message | | -o=- | output the formatted code to standard output | | -o=file | output the formatted code to "file" | | -v | verbose |

Currently Supported Transformations:

* AddMissingParentheses Add extra parentheses in new instantiations. * AliasToMaster Replace function aliases to their masters - only basic syntax alias. * AlignConstVisibilityEquals Vertically align "=" of visibility and const blocks. * AlignDoubleArrow Vertically align T_DOUBLE_ARROW (=>). * AlignDoubleSlashComments Vertically align "//" comments. * AlignEquals Vertically align "=". * AlignGroupDoubleArrow Vertically align T_DOUBLE_ARROW (=>) by line groups. * AlignPHPCode Align PHP code within HTML block. * AlignPHPCode2 Align PHP code within opening and closing php block. * AlignTypehint Vertically align function type hints. * AllmanStyleBraces Transform all curly braces into Allman-style. * AutoPreincrement Automatically convert postincrement to preincrement. * AutoSemicolon Add semicolons in statements ends. * CakePHPStyle Applies CakePHP Coding Style * ClassToSelf "self" is preferred within class, trait or interface. * ClassToStatic "static" is preferred within class, trait or interface. * ConvertOpenTagWithEcho Convert from "<?=" to "<?php echo ". * DocBlockToComment Replace docblocks with regular comments when used in non structural elements. * DoubleToSingleQuote Convert from double to single quotes. * EchoToPrint Convert from T_ECHO to print. * EncapsulateNamespaces Encapsulate namespaces with curly braces * GeneratePHPDoc Automatically generates PHPDoc blocks * IndentTernaryConditions Applies indentation to ternary conditions. * JoinToImplode Replace implode() alias (join() -> implode()). * LeftWordWrap Word wrap at 80 columns - left justify. * LongArray Convert short to long arrays. * MergeElseIf Merge if with else. * SplitElseIf Merge if with else. * MergeNamespaceWithOpenTag Ensure there is no more than one linebreak before namespace * MildAutoPreincrement Automatically convert postincrement to preincrement. (Deprecated pass. Use AutoPreincrement instead). * NewLineBeforeReturn Add an empty line before T_RETURN. * OrganizeClass Organize class, interface and trait structure. * OrderAndRemoveUseClauses Order use block and remove unused imports. * OnlyOrderUseClauses Order use block - do not remove unused imports. * OrderMethod Organize class, interface and trait structure. * OrderMethodAndVisibility Organize class, interface and trait structure. * PHPDocTypesToFunctionTypehint Read variable types from PHPDoc blocks and add them in function signatures. * PrettyPrintDocBlocks Prettify Doc Blocks * PSR2EmptyFunction Merges in the same line of function header the body of empty functions. * PSR2MultilineFunctionParams Break function parameters into multiple lines. * ReindentAndAlignObjOps Align object operators. * ReindentSwitchBlocks Reindent one level deeper the content of switch blocks. * RemoveIncludeParentheses Remove parentheses from include declarations. * RemoveSemicolonAfterCurly Remove semicolon after closing curly brace. * RemoveUseLeadingSlash Remove leading slash in T_USE imports. * ReplaceBooleanAndOr Convert from "and"/"or" to "&&"/"||". Danger! This pass leads to behavior change. * ReplaceIsNull Replace is_null($a) with null === $a. * RestoreComments Revert any formatting of comments content. * ReturnNull Simplify empty returns. * ShortArray Convert old array into new array. (array() -> []) * SmartLnAfterCurlyOpen Add line break when implicit curly block is added. * SortUseNameSpace Organize use clauses by length and alphabetic order. * SpaceAroundControlStructures Add space around control structures. * SpaceAroundExclamationMark Add spaces around exclamation mark. * SpaceAroundParentheses Add spaces inside parentheses. * SpaceBetweenMethods Put space between methods. * StrictBehavior Activate strict option in array_search, base64_decode, in_array, array_keys, mb_detect_encoding. Danger! This pass leads to behavior change. * StrictComparison All comparisons are converted to strict. Danger! This pass leads to behavior change. * StripExtraCommaInArray Remove trailing commas within array blocks * StripNewlineAfterClassOpen Strip empty lines after class opening curly brace. * StripNewlineAfterCurlyOpen Strip empty lines after opening curly brace. * StripNewlineWithinClassBody Strip empty lines after class opening curly brace. * StripSpaces Remove all empty spaces * StripSpaceWithinControlStructures Strip empty lines within control structures. * TightConcat Ensure string concatenation does not have spaces, except when close to numbers. * TrimSpaceBeforeSemicolon Remove empty lines before semi-colon. UpgradeToPreg Upgrade ereg_ calls to preg_* * WordWrap Word wrap at 80 columns. * WrongConstructorName Update old constructor names into new ones. * YodaComparisons Execute Yoda Comparisons.