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File: readme.txt
Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Read me first
Class: AJAXPoll
Display polls and update results using AJAX
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Date: 14 years ago
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 ---- About this class  -----

  This class is used on the WebExp Template Engine
  WebExp is Template Engine identical to Smarty, created 
  by José Franco and Revista PHP contibutors at 
        >>>     <<<<
  We build this tool to develop PHP Ajax based Web sites fast and easy 
  This project is growing based on contibutors help and users feedback
  If you want to start deploy with us m your can contact us and we will
  send to you our Template Engine PHP source code 
  We proudly present our list of contibutors and supporters
  José Augusto Ferreira Franco (Portugal)
  Informatics Engineer student 
  > WebExp Template Engine Project Manager
    PHP-Ajax Pluggins | Database  Wrapper
  Marcelo Soares da Costa (Brazil)
  FreeBSD System Engineer 
  > WebExp Object Framework developer
  Gabi Solomon (Romania)
  Economical Engineer/PHP programmer
  > WebExp Template Engine features
  Bruno Canongia (Brazil)
  Software Engenineer
  > WebExp PHP-Ajax Api developer
    >>>>>  About this package  
    >>>>>  Author  : José Augusto F. Franco
	>>>>>  Email   :
	>>>>>  Msn     :
	>>>>>  Web     : 
	>>>>>  Package : WebExpPoll test script - Easy way to build your polls with Ajax
    >>>>>  License : GPL

 --------- HOW TO RUN THE SCRIPT ------------------

 1st step -  Uncompress the files on package and add them on your web server httpdocs or www folder.
 2nd step -  Create a new  folder and name it as 'images'. Right next copy all images to there.
 Further steps : 

  Edit the class add add you own configuration

  Inside the class you will find this attributes

  // this is poll question
  public $q =  "What´s your favourite color ? ";
  // Ajax callback (it´s  the name of Ajax function)
  public $f = 'Vote';  (you don´t need to change it)
  // quiz options
  public $opt;
  // quiz name on radios and ajax div name
  public $quiz = 'vote';
  // page to output poll results
  public $output = 'results.php';
    //images location folder
  public $imgRoot = 'images/';
  // js location folder
  public $jsLocation = '';
  // js file
  public $jsFile = 'poll.js';
  // file where votes are saved
  public $pool_db = 'pool_results.txt';
  // graph images background 
  public $graph_bg = 1; // 1 - to random bg   0 - to static bg
  // the image graph  height
  public  $graph_height = '5';
  // message if user cast poll twice
  public $voteRep = "&nbsp;&nbsp; You already cast this poll !";
  // message result
  public $msgRes  = "<h2>Poll results:</h2>";
  //allow to show table again
  public $showT = 'Show poll';
  // the bg color to options table
  public $TableOptColor = '#ccc';
  // style fonts at options table
  public $TableOptStyle = 'mycssClass';

   --------   How to build the class parameters ---------

   To build your own polls edit the file test_poll.php
   and yout poll question on the vatiable $YourPollQuestion
  // your poll question 
  $YourPollQuestion = "Type here your poll question !";


  // set your array option like this
  $yourArrayPollOptions = array("<li>Option one</li>",
                                "<li>Option two</li>",
                                "<li>Option three</li>");

  ---------- Make the class instance (build the poll object) ------

    // creates your PHP-AJAX Poll
   new WebExpPoll($YourPollQuestion,$yourArrayPollOptions);
   -------   About the author -----------

   José Franco is a Informatics Engineer student and he owns his own buisness in Guarda - Portugal
   He´s also the project admin of Portuguese PHP Magazine on a digital version 	identical as PHPMag
   Contact :
   Mobile  :  +351 96 269 44 32
   MSN     :
   Web     :

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.