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Class: PHP Business Days Calculator
Get the business days after today or a given date
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PHP Business Days Calculator

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This class can get the business days after today or a given date.

It can take as parameter a given date that will be taken as a reference.

The class can return one or more dates of the next business days after the given date considering the weekends and the regular holiday dates like Christmas, Easter, Corpus Christi, etc..

Optionally the class can also consider business days of specific countries like Brazil.


  • PHP 7.3+


To get the latest stable version of this component use:

"require": {
    "springy-framework/business-days-calculator": "*"

in your composer.json file.


I suppose that the following example is all you need:


require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // If you're using Composer (recommended)

// Using dynamic mode
$today = new DateTime();
$bdCalc = new Springy\BusinessDaysCalculator($today);
$newDate = $bdCalc->addBrazilianHolidays((int) $today->format('Y'))
    ->addBrazilianHolidays((int) $today->format('Y') + 1)

if ($bdCalc->isBusinessDay()) {
    echo "Is a business day\n";

// Getting nth business date in 'Y-m-d' format string without create an object
echo "The 20th business day from now is "
    . Springy\BusinessDaysCalculator::getBusinessDate(20)
    . "\n";


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