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Class: Wepesi PHP ORM Framework
Execute common SQL queries using object functions
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this is a simple model of an ORM writeen in php. it can ben modified as you want.


this module as been develloped under this configuration. - server :wampserver 3.2.4 64bit - apache :2.3.33 - php :7.3.13 - phpmyadmin:5.0.4 - mysql :5.7.21

in case some solution and method are not available be sure to use a version clause to this setup.


this model is just a simple wait you can implement your own ORM and design according to your need. hope it wiil be helpfull



    `get` method is corresponding to `SELECT` in sql. with this method you can request your database,
    to do a `select * from table_name` also you can add somme method to make it power as you are using `sql`.
    you can see and example bellow.
  • first of all, we creat an instance of the database by using our `DB` class. withc will allow us to interact with the `mySQL` database.
  • in the `get` method we have the first parameter witch is the table_name, call the `result()` methode to execute your `query`.
    the result can be store into a variable for other purpose.
    the coresponding sql is:
    SELECT * FROM message
    to be precise with your request
    $req=$db->get("message")->fields(['userid','message'])->where(['userid',"=",1])->result(); var_dump($req);
    the corresponding `SQL`
    SELECT userid,message FROM message WHERE userid=1 this is not all, you can `LIMIT`, `OFFSET`,`groupBY`,`orderBy`,`ASC`,`DESC` for more detail, checkout the examole file on the test folder.
    `insert` is used to record data. its can be used has you are using an an sql commande.
    checkout the example bellow
    $data = [
        "userid" => 2,
        "message" => "hello from wepesi",
        "datecreated" => Date('Y-m-d H:i:s')
    try {
            if ($this->db->error()) {
                throw new Exception("operation failed. check the error description");
    } catch (Exception $ex) {
        echo $ex->getMessage();
  • before insert data, we create an data object with index key value. you will realised that, the object `data` we define the `key` correspond to the table fields and it value.
  • call the insert method, we define the table name, and we call the fields method where we pass the data object to perdom the query.
    the corresponding sql look like
    INSERT INTO message (`userid`,`message`,`datecreated`) VALUES (?,?,?)
    from that request you can request for the last id record on call the `lastId()` method.
    `delete` when you need to delete a record, this is the module to use.
    try {
        if ($this->db->error()) {
            throw new Exception("failed to delete data");
        return true;
    } catch (Exception $ex) {
        echo $ex->getMessage();
    corespondig sql is
    DELETE `message` WHERE `id`='16'
  • call where method to define the condition to delete a record.
  • QUERY 
    the `query` method is used in case you have specific query you want to execute, then you can use it. 
        $req = $this->db->query("select * from message join users on");
            throw new Exception($req->error());
        return $req->result();
    }catch(Exception $ex){
        echo $ex->getMessage();
    the example bellow describe how it can be used. with the `query` method use the `result()` method to get the result.
  • hope you enjoy.