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PHP Classes

Tutorial video: 1- ÙÙدÙ٠ع٠بÙئة اÙعÙÙ Ùزاز

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      Classes of bassam alessawi  >  lezaz  >  Video 1- مقدمه عن بيئة العمل لزاز  
  • Title: 1- مقدمه عن بيئة العمل لزاز
    Description: This package implements a template engine that compiles tags into PHP code.

    It can process templates with special tags that may appear in template files and compiles them into PHP scripts that once executed produce the template engine output.

    The tags and processed by plugin scripts that extend the template engine functionality. Currently it supports plugins to:

    - Include additional templates
    - Iterate over array template variables
    - Evaluate conditions and process template sections according to the condition results
    - Import CSS and JavaScript to the HTML output with support to compress the CSS and JavaScript
    - Include raw PHP code
    - Iterate over the results of given SQL query
    Duration: 00:04:54
    Package: lezaz
    Template engine that compiles tags into PHP code
    1- مقدمه عن بيئة العمل لزاز

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