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Error in libgmailer.php

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Subject:Error in libgmailer.php
Summary:Error in foreach at libgmailer.php on line 1187
Author:Luis I. Larrateguy
Date:2005-04-14 12:31:26
Update:2006-09-14 00:57:14

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Picture of Luis I. Larrateguy Luis I. Larrateguy - 2005-04-14 12:31:26
I'm the author of the class GImageGallery
I'm looking at the code, because I know it stops working suddenly.
For those who are familiar with OO design, you'll know that If you have a class, you can:


Well, all that is what I do with libgmailer, an excelletn class for accesing labels, conversations and emails from GMAIL. I only know the interface of the class as you know from GImageGallery.

That's why I invited all of you to look at the code og libgmailer to try to figure out what's wrong now when it tried to fetch convs from Gmail.


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Picture of david.yeung david.yeung - 2006-09-14 00:57:14 - In reply to message 1 from Luis I. Larrateguy
I downloaded your code yesterday,but it's still can not fetch the icon in the gmail box.My email address to see you reply message to me.

A phper in China.