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Subject:update function
Summary:I think I fixed an error here
Author:Adam Docherty
Date:2006-03-23 03:18:03
Update:2006-03-23 03:47:12

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Picture of Adam Docherty Adam Docherty - 2006-03-23 03:18:03
hi I noticed that the update function wasn't moving all the sub categories when you changed the parent. I think this was to do with the query to retrieve the sub categories.

around line 157 the query reads as follows:

$sql2 = "UPDATE ".$this->table_name."
SET position = '".$new_sub_position."'
WHERE position RLIKE '".$sub['id']."%>'";

I found that by changing the WHERE line to:

WHERE id =".$sub['id']."";

the problem was solved.

I am not sure if this problem was confined to my setup, but if you are having the same problems try this method.


I have worked extensively with this class and I must commend the technique used to create infinite categories - it had me stumped!!! Great thinking and power in simplicity, Shadi :)

-Lobos of

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Picture of S.Shaban S.Shaban - 2006-03-23 03:47:12 - In reply to message 1 from Adam Docherty
Hello Lobos,
Thanks for your interest.

I encourage your modification to the query as it will work more efficiently.

I'll update the class now.