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PHP PDO DB Connection Controller: Connect to a database configured using a subclass

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This class can connect to a database configured using a subclass.

It can connect to a given database supported by the PHP PDO extension using classes variables that an application can define using a sub-class of this class.

The class can also perform other database access actions forwarding calls to the PDO object, for instance:

- Preparing queries

- Setting query parameter values

- Executing queries

- Retrieve query results



Php PDO wrapper


Installation is super-easy via Composer:

composer require peterujah/db-controller


Initialize DBController with configuration array

$handler = new \Peterujah\NanoBlock\DBController($configArray);

Or extend \Peterujah\NanoBlock\DBController to set your connection details like below

class Conn extends \Peterujah\NanoBlock\DBController{ 
	public function __construct(bool $development = false){
		$config = array(
			"PORT" => 3306,
			"HOST" => "localhost",
			"VERSION" => "mysql",
			$config["USERNAME"] = "root";
			$config["PASSWORD"] = "";
			$config["NAME"] = "dbname";
			$config["USERNAME"] = "dbusername";
			$config["PASSWORD"] = "dbpass";
			$config["NAME"] = "dbname";
		$this->onDebug = $development;
		$this->config = $config;

Initialize your custom class

$handler = new Conn($_SERVER["HOST_NAME"]=="localhost");

Now run query select, insert, update, delete etc.. using prepare statment

$handler->prepare('SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = :username LIMIT 1');
$handler->bind(':username', "Peter");
$res = $handler->getOne();

Or run query select, insert, update, delete etc.. using query

$handler->query('SELECT * FROM users');
$res = $handler->getAll();

| Options | Description | |-----------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | prepare(string) | Call "prepare" with sql query string to prepare query execution | | query(string) | Call "query" width sql query without "bind" and "param" | | bind(param, value, type) | Call "bind" to bind value to the pdo prepare method | | param(param, value, type) | Call "param" to bind parameter to the pdo statment | | execute() | Execute prepare statment | | rowCount() | Get result row count | | getOne() | Get one resault row, this is useful when you set LIMIT 1 | | getAll() | Retrieve all result | | getInt() | Gets integer useful when you select COUNT() | | getAllObject() | Gets result object | | getLastInsertedId() | Gets list inserted id from table | | free() | Free database connection | | dumpDebug() | Dump debug sql query parameter | | errorInfo() | Print PDO prepare statment error when debug is enabled | | error() | Print connection or execution error when debug is enabled | | setDebug(bool) | Sets debug status | | setConfig(array) | Sets connection config array | | conn() | Retrieve DBController Instance useful when you call "setConfig(config)" |

Connection Config array example

     PORT => 3306,
     HOST => "localhost",
     VERSION => "mysql",
     NAME => "dbname",
     USERNAME => "root",
     PASSWORD => ""


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Name: PHP PDO DB Connection Controller
Base name: db-controller
Description: Connect to a database configured using a subclass
Version: 1.0.0
PHP version: 5
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 166 users
All time rank: 8819
Week users: 2 users
Week rank: 349 Up
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What is the best PHP pdo mysql class?
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  Innovation Award  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
March 2022
Number 8
PDO is a popular PHP extension that provides several interfaces for classes that can access many types of SQL databases.

Usually, the developer defines a connection to a specific database type using a connection string with a particular syntax.

Many developers prefer to set connection parameters using specific values passing individual parameters because it is more clear to configure each parameter.

This class provides a means to connect to a database using PDO by specifying the connection parameter values using class variables of a sub-class of this class.

Manuel Lemos

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